Dimensions of the Strelka greenhouse

Width - 2,6m.

Height - 2.5 m.

Length - 2m, 4 m, 6 m, 8 m, 10 m. ...

The maximum snow load of 450 kg / m²

Prices from $199

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Greenhouse kit pricing

2 m. - $199

4 m. - $289

6 m. - $369

8 m. - $449
Polycarbonate cost is not included in pricing

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The Strelka greenhouse has been designed and manufactured specifically for the northern regions of Russia, where more than three meters of snow may fall down sometimes during a long winter. It doesn't fear snowy winters - the permissible load on each arc is of up to 700 kg, and the roof can withstand loads up to 450 kg per square meter. Such strength is achieved thanks to a wide (60 x 20 mm) strengthened galvanized siding having four differently directed stiffening angles, a system of internal amplifiers of arcs and an arrow-shaped frame for which the greenhouse is named Strelka (Russian for Arrow). 450 kg per square meter is a layer of snow (of medium density) of about a meter and a half, but thanks to the arrow shape such amount of snow never accumulates on the roof. The height of the frame is two and a half meters, which is ideal for growing tall crops. The width of 2.6 meters is optimal for placing two beds and a comfortable path between them. The length of the Strelka frame base is two meters, the length of the block is also two meters, so that the greenhouse can be of any length multiple of two meters. Such multiplicity is due to the standard width of cellular polycarbonate sheets - 2.1 meters. The construction of the greenhouse frame is assembled with screws and nuts. Polycarbonate sheets are laid overlapped and secured to the frame with screws, wide washers and galvanized steel strings, which reliably press polycarbonate from the top. The Strelka greenhouse can be set according to your request directly on the ground or on the foundation. For creating an ideal micro-climate and for the convenience of users, the Strelka greenhouse on ends has 2 doors and 2 vents with rubber seals that securely close gaps. In very hot weather, you can open both doors wide open to avoid overheating of plants. Besides, the design allows installation of extra vents on the roof. These additional vents can operate in manual or automatic mode.
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